Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Christmas DIYs: An easy, last-minute advent calendar

I know I’m late, it’s December 1.
Of course, I had decided I was not doing my usual Christmas-sy things this year.
Of course, I had to do them – but last minute.

This is an easy – if slightly time-consuming – advent calendar that kids can help you with. It makes a cool decoration as it waits for each of its boxes to be opened. We added sweets to each box, and – because I try very hard to keep Christmas about Christ – a little snippet from the Gospels which, together, tell the story of Christmas, with a suggestion to parents on how to initiate discussions on Christmas beyond the cake and gifts. (You can add fun suggestions  – “Let’s make hot chocolate”, “Let’s watch a Christmas movie”  or “Let’s give some toys to the orphanage” instead.)

This advent calendar is a free printable straight from Nicolette at Powerful Mothering  – our only addition is the sweets and the scripture passages, which I had first used in 2011 from Sweeter than Sweets.

Make it today – counting down the days till Christmas.   

Or try these links to other advent calendars from other years

The Advent Calendar Tree – also from 2013 (that seems to have been a great year for me!)

and the first Advent Calendar I featured – in 2011

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