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Chef Ananda Solomon’s Som Tam and updates

Som Tam - from Chef Ananda Solomons recipe in GoodFood India Magazine 

Somewhere before Lent began, Kevin and I found ourselves at Mamagoto at Kala Ghoda. Very eclectic, very light-hearted, in keeping with the chain’s ‘Fun Asian’ theme. The Hua Hin Station Rolls were good, but I find cheese in a roll very non-Oriental… and the Laksa was efficient, but then I’ve eaten really good Laksa in Kuala Lumpur, so… I thought the Som Tam (green papaya salad) was a little not happening, though that might be because I had made Chef Ananda Solomon’s Som Tam from the GoodFood India Magazine, and that is brilliant!

Som Tam – Green Papaya Salad
From Chef Ananda Solomon in GoodFood India Magazine

400g shredded green papaya, chilled
6 garlic cloves, peeled
6 bird’s eye chillies, deseeded
40g long beans (chawli), chopped and blanched
40g jaggery/ palm sugar
1tbsp dark soya sauce
2tsp lime juice
1tbsp fish sauce
8 cherry tomatoes (I used ½ tomato, chopped)
30g peanuts, dry-roasted and crushed

Put the papaya in a colander, run water over, and wipe dry. Chill again.
In a mortar, pound the following one after the other: garlic, chillies, long beans, jaggery, soya sauce, lime juice and fish sauce. If your mortar is small, you may have to do this in batches, but essentially, the ingredients need to be pounded into each other.
In a large bowl, mix together the dressing, the chilled papaya, the chopped tomatoes (slightly pounded) and the crushed peanuts.

* * *

While being vegetarian in Mumbai is somewhat of a challenge for an otherwise-non-vegetarian, and somewhat depressing, and leads to lots of cheese being wolfed down, I’m glad to report that Aye Dios Mio at Metro is not a ‘Gujican’ (Gujarati Mexican, as Friyan informs me it is termed) joint. Yes, it is Mexican (and Italian), it is vegetarian, but it is also rather wonderful. The Classic Nachos come with salsa, sour cream, cheese sauce and guacamole, and enough that you run out of nachos before you run out of the accompaniments – how often does that happen? And then, there are those brill Jalapeno Poppers – jalapenos stuffed with flavoured cheese infiltrated by a spicy mix of peppers – deep-fried and served with a lime and chilli mayo.
Oh well!

* * *

Sushi, dates stuffed with blue cheese,
and shepherds pie (made with Nutrela granules)
at The Great Food Show  

So, we went last weekend to The Great Food Show with BBC Good Food at Nehru Centre, here in Bombay. We went early – since it was supposed to be a study break for Zach. The halls were almost empty, everyone at the stalls was bright and bushy-tailed at the start of a new day, and we got a whole lot of stuff.
Revelation of the day: How Nutrela soya granules and chunks could be worked to fool you. We ate Nutrela burgers, Nutrela mince rolls, Nutrela wontons and Nutrela shepherd’s pie, and we would not have known the meat was missing… The wontons were a bit over-fried, but all else was all good. We also had sushi from Sushi and More, spiced guava hand-churned ice cream from Bina’s, dates stuffed with blue cheese from Nature’s Basket, and Vietnamese cold summer rolls from Busago (incidentally the least impressive of the lot, though I otherwise like Busago)… We peeped into the MasterClass theatre and it was jam-packed…
Kevin has given his heart now to a Weber grill and Zach is on his way to trying everything once – a huge step forward.
All in all, a great start…

* * *

My official awards ceremony pic, the article and the trophy
Hair, tamed by
some salon in a KL mall
before the awards ceremony 
My tan is finally faded and I have survived – both an awards ceremony in a sari I draped myself in a hotel room in Kuala Lumpur and with hair that I had ‘done’ at a mall nearby and jet-skiing for four hours in the Andaman Sea. The award was for Best Media Article (English), presented at the Tourism Malaysia Awards 2014. Thank you, guys, for your support of my writing over the years.

* * *

Remember the ‘clipboard for adults’ post I did for Valentine’s Day? Well, here’s another way to use your clipboard, as an art display unit!

* * *
From the tutorial on posing mistakes from I Heart Faces...
This ones no mistake, though!

And because I found it interesting, and because I make the strangest photographs, I’m sharing this post  from I Heart Faces on how to pose for photographs J  


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