Saturday, February 01, 2014

Walking away

Sometimes, those Facebook posts make sense. Sometimes.
Like when I read Mandy Hale’s 13 things to leave in 2013.
Hers is The Single Woman blog, and I haven’t been single a long time, but quite a few of that list of 13 made great sense to me.
And it’s not too far into 2014 to have new pointers on how to live this year to the max.

So 2014 will be my year to be non-reactive – especially when it’s not important. Or at least, when I’m able to convince myself that it is not important…
Long years ago, in the first six months of our marriage, Kevin and I realised the value of not saying the first thing that came to mind. It didn’t mean that it was left unsaid, and, very often, it should not have been left unsaid. We just waited for a better time – and it meant that it was better said and received.
And how true is that!
I’ve always wondered about opportunities missed, but, in my trusting-in-someone-greater-than-me mode, I’ve also known that some things are not meant to be.
Check out Mandy’s blog for yourself.
And finally,
Mandy’s things to bring into 2014:
To these, I will add one more, specific to me.
Kindness to self.
I’m going to make 2014 the year I’m nicer to myself.
If I can’t write this blog to my own self-imposed schedule, I will give myself permission not to.
If I need to have a little nap just because I want to, I will.
If I want to chill when I should be writing, then I will allow myself that.
Wish me luck J


  1. Well said Prima. We allow more junk into our minds and hearts than is good for us. I have also decided that I would drop activities that are unnecessary from my schedule, thoughts that don't bless me or those around me from my mind, opinions and reactions that are not to any advantage, etc.

  2. Oh, it's lovely Prima! So much to learn.. thank you :)


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