Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY: Clipboards for adults (DIY/ Makeover)

Clipboards. I’m guessing they’re not one of your favourite things.
Not mine either.
Each time we haul them out, it means there’s an exam looming. Many of them usually.
Anyway, time to change your perception of them.
Make them cool.
Or pretty.
As message centres.
Reminder boards.
Whatever you’d like them to be.

I bought mine at Crawford Market at Rs 25 each. So cheap enough. And I gave them, once I had prettied them up, as Valentine’s Day gifts to each of my six fellow gurls at work (the budget for each gift was Rs 25 to Rs 30). See below for that.
Clipboards for adults – make yours today

What you need:
Paper of your choice
Glue (I used Fevicol)


Start by making a dummy cover for your clipboard. Cut the paper at the top to go around the clip. Make sure to cut deeper so that you have enough paper to go over the top edge of the clipboard.
Cut your chosen paper to the dummy size and check positioning.

Pipe glue onto your clipboard, and spread evenly.
Position your paper on the glue, starting with the clip end of the board. Do not press down till your pattern and clip placement are aligned.
Smooth out the paper to remove air bubbles, from the middle outward.

Flip over and work the back, wrapping over the edges like you would a gift, and working with rounded corners.

Voila, you have a personalized message board that doesn’t make you instantly think of examinations!

And, the Valentine’s Day gifts reveal: I made six clipboards, downloading gift wrap that I thought personified each recipient. Then, I worked with the (gummy) bear theme for the tags - You are beary special, You are a beary good friend!... They looked fun, I think.


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