Friday, December 13, 2013

Wrapping up Christmas!

If you’re like me, you’re now rocking Christmas!
Like every year, I’m working to balance what Christmas means with the always-welcome chance to remember the people I love. I have a list of people I want to get stuff for as long as my arm, and, though I’m trying to be frugal this year, it’s still a lot of fun getting more bang for my buck.
When I did my morning foray two days ago, Yazdani Bakery, from where I regularly get a truckload of cakes for family and neighbours, hadn’t yet got its cakes out – and I’m trying someone else’s rum-and-raisin cakes this year.
‘The Christians’, as someone called us at work, are hosting a party next week, and it will be fun – with carols sung in vaguely discordant voices but with great spirit, dress-up games, a Secret Santa and more singing…
And then, there are choir practices, and Advent evening preparations, and so much more happening… 

And there is gift-wrapping. These days, I tend very much to be a newspaper-wrap-and-ribbon person, but I like to make an extra effort for Christmas, trolling the net for great themed paper and tags and boxes.
Here are some you might like:

From Jinjerup, the Xmas Trees gift box

The adorable triangle box from Zu – the site is in French but you will find the clickable download link halfway down the page. 

This very laidback triangular box from Melissa Esplin – it’s black and white, but you can print it on coloured paper.

A colourful gingerbread house box from Paper Glitter...

And finally, the Xmas Mish Mash gift box, again, from Jinjerup...

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  1. When the kids were younger we used to create our own gift wrapping paper. Ordinary brown paper not the waxed kind, potato cut outs in shapes of Christmas trees, bells and stars, poster colour paints (in green and red) slightly thicker than the ones you use to paint and voila you have your own original wrapping paper.


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