Saturday, December 28, 2013

Print out 2014

The Elli Blog

And it’s almost here. 2014. I’m looking forward to it.
Compliments of the season! Here’s hoping you got to celebrate it with friends and family and lots of good food.
And that that will be a signature for the year to come…
To give you a head start, some calendars you can print out… and some other interesting printables as well.

A Sweet New Year calendar from Eat Drink Chic

A Year of Colour calendar from Design is Yay

For owl lovers, the Owl Lover 2014 calendar from My Owl Barn – pick from 50 images from artists all over the world to customise your own calendar or download the premade version.

A mini calendar from Hello Cuteness

The exceedingly sweet Kawaii Kokeshi Mini Calendar from Creative Mamma

A whimsical mini calendar from The Ink Nest – it would otherwise cost $ 10 but you can ‘pay’ to download it with a Like on Facebook or a Tweet...

If you’d like to use your own photographs for a personalised calendar, Angie Muldowney Photography, Design and Life has a template you can use with Photoshop – and it’s designed to fit into a CD jewel case.

It’s an old-fashioned idea, but if you want to remember loved ones’ birthdays the way they did before net-based birthday alarms, The Pretty Blog has a lovely monthly calendar just for that.

And from one of my favourite blogs – The Elli Blog: a frameable quote for the new year; I may have posted it before, but it’s worth considering again!

A very happy new year to you – and a great year ahead!

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