Monday, December 02, 2013

DIY (Christmas) Décor: Easy paperclip angels

How much fun is it making something for almost nothing?
You need just three things to make today’s Christmas ornament – and you’ll find yourself making a whole lot of them.

Paperclip angels - The Crafty Mummy

I got the idea from The Crafty Mummy.
And thank you, Shalome Potnis Tuinman, for making the first paperclip angel in office!

For each paperclip angel, you will need:

A butterfly paperclip – the wider spread the ‘wings’, the better (see the angel in the main pic; its `wings’ look better than the ones in the pic just above)
A large bead

Double the wool strand and loop it at the cross of the paper clip to create the hanging apparatus.


Thread a bead through – stiffen the wool with Fevicol if you have trouble getting it through.

Your paperclip angel is ready – make a few more!

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