Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas DIYs: A printable nativity

Only a week to Christmas!
I love the idea of putting Christ back into Christmas. He is the reason, as the line goes, for the season.
So, though we don’t really place baby Jesus in the manger till December 25th, here’s an easy Nativity from Digitprop to print out and assemble.
We’re going to be making this craft this Sunday at our last Advent wreath candle lighting evening.

You will need:
Nativity printable from Digitprop
13 matchboxes (check the size against the printable – this is a slightly smaller size)

There’s nothing to it: you print out the Nativity, cut each figure out (use smaller scissors on the more delicate parts), put glue on one face of each matchbox, and paste the figure on. Done!

If you’re making this for kids, or it is going to be placed around children (or careless adults), remove the matchsticks before making this Nativity. Else, the matchsticks give it a useful weight.

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