Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY frames: The yarn-wrapped frame

Each time I travel, I bring back food and something to remind me of the place. The food is wiped out two days into my return, but the artefacts either make it to my travel grid from FabIndia, or to the back of my cupboard. These include a mosaic polar bear from Whitehorse, Canada, that Kevin is going to fix, and a strange aboriginal wood carving from Uluru in Australia.
But there are also art prints or posters lurking – and they’re there because all the frames I like are sooo expensive. So I’m willing to wait to showcase the biggies...
But I also have a whole stash of printables from the net that I want to frame – even if for just a week or two.
Which means you’re going to be subjected to a series of DIY frames.
Starting with this one – the yarn-wrapped frame.
It is inspired by these, but we’re making this one from scratch.


You will need:
One piece of A3 card
Yarn/ wool
Double-sided tape
An A4 printable of your choice

Fold your card into two and mark out the length and breadth of your A4 printable.
Cut out into two A4 pieces of card.

On one piece of card, mark out the dimensions of the frame you want. Using the ruler as a guide, cut out the inside of the frame.


Now, do the corners of the frame. Cut short strips of yarn, long enough to lay side by side at the edge, and then across each other, so the corners of the frame are neatly covered. The rough edges will be covered by the yarn when you do the straight-across winding.

Once you’ve got the frame covered to your liking, place your printable between the frame and the backing and use double-sided tape to secure. Keep in mind that this is a temporary frame and that the printable can be printed again. Each time you ring the changes, be careful mainly about not damaging the yard-wrapped frame.

The costs for this yarn-wrapped frame: Rs 15 for the card, Rs 30 for the wool.
Time required: About an hour

Let me see your photos - in these frames!

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