Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY Decor: A modern ornament

I loved these little ornaments when I saw them – and I think a lot of you who have not yet bought into the Christmas spirit will still find them very interesting. 

From Homemade Ginger

The inspiration comes from all the lovely pieces on the net, like this one by Homemade Ginger but I’ve realised I’m not so good at dipping anything into paint, so I was much comforted by Kevin’s form-versus-function rationale that I didn’t completely understand but justified keeping them white.
Anyway, these are really easy to make. And cheap to boot, always a good thing.
You can either hang them or let them lurk on a table – looking very contemporary.

You will need:
A small thermacol ball (Rs 3)
Wool – I used red and green wool for the Christmas spirit
A long needle with a big eye
About 30 ear buds – don’t bother with good-quality ones; I bought a pack of 100 from Crawford Market for Rs 10


Start by preparing your hanging apparatus – if you want to hang these. If not, skip this step. Thread a length of the wool and make a small loop at one end. Push your needle gently through the thermacol ball and pull till the loop sits snugly at the bottom of the ball. Trim off the extra wool so that the knot is pulled neatly within the ball.

Snip the cotton buds into two.

Start pushing in cotton buds around the wool loop, working in concentric circles.
Do not push them in too close to each other, or the thermacol will crumble and render the ball useless.

When the whole ball is well spiked, enjoy your modern ornament.

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