Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Decor: Easy-wipe-off reminder board

I love to-do lists – and soft boards and reminder boards, anything that lets me list out a day or a set of tasks. I’ve had a steel reminder board with magnets, but it was an ungainly thing and rather utilitarian – so I was thrilled to find this wipe-off weekly menu board on the Makes and Takes blog.
Makes and Takes
That one goes a step further and has little days-of-the-week vinyl lettering on it, but I knew I just wanted a blank canvas – or in this case, glass sheet – to play around with. So I repurposed (so much better a word than ‘cannibalised’) one of the frames lying about the office, and went out at lunchtime to my old faithful paper store – Chimanlals – to look for the appropriate paper. The paper I had seen the last time – a lovely blue-and-silver smudged-effect one – was not there, but I found a pretty blue-and-gold motif one instead. And of course, some other great sheets as well that will now be a pain to store safely. Ah well.
Anyway, this is such an easy DIY you’ll be surprised everyone’s not doing it already.
Basically, you’re making a reminder board on which you can write with whiteboard markers, and wipe the writing off with a soft cloth or duster.
The bigger your frame, the better – there’s always so much to write! Mine’s really tiny compared to what I would have wanted, but I couldn’t wait to try the DIY.

You will need:
A glass-fronted photo frame with removable back
Pretty paper
Whiteboard markers

Start by removing the backing of the frame, and carefully take out the glass sheet.


Lay your paper on a flat, clean surface. Place the glass sheet on your paper, and use it as a template to mark out the size of paper you need to cut out. Cut out your paper.


Place your glass sheet back in the frame, lay the paper over it, and put the backing on again. Turn over to check that the paper is lying flat and creaseless. The good thing about not sticking down your paper is that you don’t have to worry about glue blotches and you can change your backing paper as often as you like.

Your easy-wipe reminder board is now ready for use. Make sure that your markers are whiteboard ones, not permanent ones – it’s an easy mistake to make when you have both hanging about the house.



  1. Was just getting rid of some frames and voila your post appears. Thank you definitely using this one. So much better than the dull white board

  2. Nice idea...we used similar frames last yr for glass painting with the painting on the inside of the glass sheet. Permanent markers do wipe off things like whiteboard & similar surfaces (been there, done that) if you use a tissue or cloth dipped in cologne, deo, get the drift


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