Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY accessories: You-won't-believe-it necklaces + Indian online stores for jewellery stuff


It’s a great feeling when one of you guys shows me stuff you’ve made off the blog.
Tejal (right), from one of the other magazines in the company I work with, made quite a few of the container candles (layered, no less!) and the chai glass candles – even gave them as gifts.
I showed her one of the DIYs I was hoping to try in the near future – and she made it, which makes her today’s guest DIYer.
You’d never know at first glance that these necklaces were made from paperclips.
And duct tape.
Yup, that’s it.
So, we worked off this link from How About Orange.
What you will need:
1 box of paper clips (Rs 18)
1 roll of coloured duct tape (Rs 18)
Findings – a clasp and connectors (or just make it long enough to slip over your head!)
And there isn’t really a tutorial either.
You take a paperclip, wrap it with duct tape, slip another paper clip on, wrap that one with duct tape, and go on…
Tejal has one necklace with four strands, and one with five.
When you have all your strands together, link them at each end with a jump ring (or any little ring you have at home) and put on a clasp. This time, we’ve used a barrel clasp – the one that screws on securely.
In office, it set off quite a storm – and led to a great trying-on session (see Hardika above)!
I know some of you are finding it difficult to get your hands on jewellery findings. Here are a few online stores in India, courtesy the awesome Dr Sonia S V, an ENT specialist and head and neck surgeon practising in Bangalore. Her blog – Cards, Crafts, Kids Projects – is great, full of stuff she’s made and has tutorials for, and is well worth exploring.
She also has a great section on craft supply stores in different Indian cities as well as online.
From this list, I found that Itsy Bitsy has jewellery findings – click here
As does the A1 Craft Supply store, click here.
While you’re looking at these, check out the rest of the online stores – they’re fascinating!


  1. very cool! definitely going to try this one


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