Monday, November 04, 2013

DIY accessories: Easy loop earrings


Nothing like being stuck at home to get the crafting streak going…
While waiting to be suffocated by firework smog, I managed to get two pairs of DIY earrings going – and not too soon either. I’ve had those findings forever!
You will need (see below):
2 x 20cm lengths of stringing wire
Assorted lightweight beads
4 crimp beads
2 earring hooks
Beading or other pliers


To make the first earring, find the middle of one 20cm strand of stringing wire and arrange your beads on this – outward from the middle bead.
Note the sequence of beads since you will need to replicate it in the other earring.

Hold the ends of the wire together and slip on one crimp bead, two silver beads (in this instance) and another crimp bead.

Loop the ends together over the earring hook, and slip back into the first (topmost) crimp bead, hiding the ends under the silver beads. Adjust and flatten the top crimp bead with the pliers. Allow the silver beads to cover the wire ends, snip to cut off the excess, then push the second (lower) crimp bead upwards and flatten with the pliers to seal the hanging arrangement.


Repeat to make the second earring, placing it alongside the first at each stage to make sure they are almost identical.

And so you know how easy these are to make, here is the assortment Suchita has made to take home to her sister!



  1. Great idea ! Going to try it out tomorrow

  2. Where does one buy the crimp beads and hooks.

    1. Craft shops and tailoring notions stores are the best places. In Bombay, the best place to get jewellery findings is Bhuleshwar. Rekha Trading on that crowded lane is particularly good for amateur jewellery makers. Before I discovered Bhuleshwar though, I bought my findings from; the shipping is usually free to India because findings are so light, and the quality is usually better than that of some of the stuff in Bhuleshwar. Let me know if you can't get something - I will see if I can help.


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