Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas DIYs: An Advent Calendar to make

Christmas is coming! Just a month away!
Last year, I seem to have barely acknowledged Christmas, so I’m going to make up for it this time – and share the spirit.
You have been warned.
First up, and because you have to make this well before, is an Advent Calendar… or two.
So, an Advent Calendar counts down the 25 days to Christmas. It can be as la-la or serious as you like. It usually includes little treats that kids – and the young at heart – love, and, a little slip of paper that either suggests an activity (“let’s make a snowman” or “let’s bake cookies for the neighbours”) or is a call to recollect the Christmas story. Any guesses what my type would be – even if we did have snow?
Anyway, so two years ago, I made Advent Calendars that took a lot of work; we delivered one to each of Zach’s close friends. This year, they’re too old for Advent Calendars (I think?), but I loved making these. If you have a child who would like one, make the effort – there’s something magical about opening a little box or roll each day.
The first Advent Calendar is from Pippijoe . It’s got such an unusual look. It’s red, and can be printed, and take a little glue and love, but that’s all it takes.

What you will need
      ·         Printables from Pippijoe
      ·         Scissors
      ·         Glue
      ·         Cardboard
      ·         25 paper slips – with Bible verses or Christmas-sy suggestions
      ·         25 little treats

Print out the Pippijoe printables on A3 paper – the thickest that will go into your printer.
Cut out each of the 25 boxes, then score on the dotted lines, fold and glue to assemble your boxes.
Paste the tree and its stand onto cardboard, cut both out and assemble. My tree has a little trouble holding its head up, so I’m planning to stiffen its spine with a ruler or something.

Fill each of your boxes with a paper slip and a treat.
If you’d like my list of Bible verses, email me and I will send them to you.

The size of the tiny boxes does restrict what you can put into them – but I love these little paper clips and sweets, and the really tiny Christmas balls and bells will also work well.
You can also place a second slip that leads to other treats you hand out – like a treasure hunt.

Arrange your little Advent Calendar tree on a flat surface; it makes a great Christmas decoration too.


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  1. Hi Prima, please email me the biblical verses for the advent calendar. I have a chance to do the advent stuff this year and so I want to make it a meaningful time to, love you lots, Viv


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