Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas DIYs: The Advent Calendar Scrolls

Our second Advent Calendar – and yes, you can make more than one – is a roll-up, or, rather, 25 roll-ups. It’s from Mr Printables, and again, it’s really easy. It will take about an hour to put together – and it looks really pretty as it unfurls each day leading up to Christmas.
If you’d like to be slightly spoilt for choice, there are two other Advent Calendars on this blog – the Advent Calendar box set I did two years ago, and the Advent Calendar Tree.

You will need:
Printables from Mr Printables
Hole punch
Thin ribbon or cord or wool
25 slips of paper – either Biblical verses or Christmas-sy suggestions 
Heavy-duty cord to hang the scrolls from
Clothes clips (or paper slips and rubber bands) to attach the scrolls to the hanging cord

Print the printables from Mr Printables onto A3 paper.

Cut each out to make 25 long strips.
With a hole punch, make a hole for the ribbon or wool to go through (see pic below).

Place a slip of paper (with a Biblical verse or Christmas-sy suggestion) and a treat (or a clue to a treat hidden around the house) in each scroll, roll up and tie together with a neat bow that young fingers can easily undo.

String out your hanging cord at one or two levels.

You can hang your scrolls with clothes clips, or do as I did: Punch another hole close to the top of each, and string a paper clip through. I used the rubber bands to help keep the paper clips from all bunching together at the middle of the hanging cord.

Again, other Advent Calendars you can try:

The Advent Calendar Tree 



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