Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Diwali lights 3: Dipped votives

Okay, so for some of you, this may be one too many lit-up posts – but it is the last one, I assure you… at least for a while.
Anyway, these dipped votives are easy to do and look pretty.
I tried them out from Nest of Posies. And Kellie’s do look much more uniform than mine, but hey, I love mine too!
(You’ll also be happy to know that acrylic paint washes off easily, so you can start over as many times as you like!)

You will need:
Votives (I used leftover glasses from my brother Mohan’s wedding table decorations)
Acrylic paints (Hobby Ideas has little bottles from Rs 15 onwards)
Tea lights
Disposable bowls for dipping into
A cling-wrapped surface to allow the votives to dry on

Pour a generous quantity of a single paint colour into a disposable bowl that is wide enough for the votive to be swirled about in. The photo above from Nest of Posies shows very clearly how to do it – and like Kellie says, don’t lift the votive till you’re satisfied with the paint effect.

Place the dipped votives on the cling-wrapped surface and allow to dry completely. Do not – like I first did – be tempted to dry them on newspaper; it sticks to the paint with an admirable tenacity.

Once your votives are dry, place a tea light within each, light and enjoy!


And again, a roster of the Diwali-appropriate posts on this blog:









I’m going to be busy for a while, so a Happy Diwali to you in advance.
May your lives be lit up with all the right things – and with creativity!

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