Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Diwali lights 2: Easy container candles

If you tried the last Diwali DIY – the poured candle – this one is going to be super easy.
A container candle is one in which the wax is poured into its final resting place (ha ha) – no mould, sacrificial or otherwise, is required.

You will need:

Start by assembling your stuff – I picked up three 'cutting chai' glasses from the market for Rs 8 each; the candles were Rs 7.50 each (you will need two per glass), I cannibalised the wick from the candles (it came ready-waxed that way, so convenient), the crayons cost Rs 10, and the pencils I borrowed from Zach.

Next, set up the wick. Tie one end of the wick to the pencil and let the other end dangle down into the glass. Position the pencil so that the wick is fairly centred.

Prepare your wax. Break the candles down to bits to allow quick melting, and add a crayon. Start with half and then add the other half (or more) if you want a more intense colour. Using an oven glove, pour the molten wax into your glass.

Set aside to cool completely. Don’t worry about colour variations; they usually settle down as the candle cools – or they don’t, so either way, they’re not worth bothering about, right?

I hope you enjoy these Diwali décor DIYs.
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  1. :) I remember doing these in school, down to even making the frothy icing for the candle....but we used plain paraffin wax back then instead of breaking down candles...wonder if it's still available somewhere.

  2. i love your blog. i love the way you write so honestly about your emotions and things that happen to you. i love your enthusiasm for DIY!! i would never ever ever muster up enough enthusiasm to do it. I love seeing the different things you make and keep hoping that i will be the recipient of one of them!! one day!! :P


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