Thursday, October 31, 2013

Check ’em out: Great tees and bags from Vagabond Creations

There are days when I dream of tossing everything and sitting down and crafting. That dream lasts about 10 minutes before reality kicks in – and I remember that (a) I love my day job, (b) Crafting doesn’t pay, and (c) I’m crafty (ha ha) rather than creative. Still, that doesn’t stop me from actually plotting stuff to make in my sleep – only to find it’s totally impractical when I wake up.

All of which makes me doubly thrilled to announce that my friend Mini Agrawal has made her dream a reality. We worked together in Femina – and our friendship has survived her leaving magazine work and my moving on. In fact, it was Mini who had designed the tag for my jewellery stuff – way back when I was actually selling it. One Sunday in October, on the last day of Durga Puja I think, Kevin and I and a motley band of family made our way to a huge Powai Bengali Welfare Association shindig – where some of us  attacked the Bengali food (fish in mustard, mutton chops, kheer kadam, and mishti doi) and the rest of us (who were being disciplined) marvelled at Mini’s Vagabond Creations.


She had bags, tees and diyas on sale, and they were going like hot cakes. We bought five between us, and I was glad to find them creative, well-made, eco-friendly and reasonable (all bags from Rs 150 to Rs 225 and tees for Rs 299) – great as gifts.

Mini finally has a website so you can see her designs better than in my photos, and I particularly like some – like the Mumbai is the BEST one, and the photography and playlist ones.
Do visit yourself and I’m sure you will find something you like. And more than that, drop her a line – I know she would love constructive feedback. 

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