Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cheat’s gnocchi - make it restaurant-style

I shared this recipe for Gnocchi with Mushrooms in Spicy Lemon Butter a while ago – and may I suggest you be very happy that it’s on this blog, ’cause it’s off Simply Reem’s updated site!

And I really made a messy lot of gnocchi that last time, as my photo lower in that post shows. Anyway, here’s the good news:  I’ve found a readymade gnocchi, Garofalo’s gnocchi di patate, that will blow your socks off – because
a)      It’s easy to use (no messing about with mashed potato – just drop the readymade gnocchi into salted, boiling water in small lots, and scoop out when each rises to the surface)
b)      It’s affordable  (Rs 150 – well worth not having to mess about with the potato and all)
c)       It’s vegetarian (okay, so with this recipe, it is; and you can go ahead and do all your non-vegetarian things to it)
d)      It turns out looking really good – dinner-party good really!
So perhaps readymade gnocchi is not such a big deal to my pals in other countries, but here it is – especially since I got it at Gourmet West, and not at, say, Nature’s Basket or Foodhall.
So, here’s a link to the recipe on this site

If you’re inspired, try it. This time, I obviously did better – it was just the right combination of salty, spicy and sour from the salt (duh + butter), chilli flakes and lemon juice. And those buttery shiitake mushrooms were to die for!


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  1. Thanks a lot...I was wondering what sauce to make - picked it up from FoodHall a couple of days going to try something with my pkt of gnocchi


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