Monday, February 11, 2013

Own up to love

Valentine’s Day’s coming up. I know it’s uncool to actually admit to thinking about it, except when you’re in the first throes of love perhaps, but this is how I think of it: Like Mother’s Day and Friendship Day and all the other ’days’ that we bemoan as marketing gimmicks, it’s a great way to celebrate relationships and the people we love, and so often take for granted.
I reminded Zach this morning that he must do something love-ly for me on Valentine’s Day. He blushed and said, “Mom!”, in his usual embarrassed, why-must-you-do-this-to-me voice (the same he uses when I remind him to go pee. I know, I know!). Anyway, I said Valentine’s is not just about romantic love – and he said, “But you know I love you anyway.” Aw!
I continue to embarrass my parents by saying Love you” brightly at the end of each call. Mom says, “Yes, yes!” and Dad just puts the phone down – in his book, there’s no need to respond to such unnecessary statements. Mohan – bless him for his continued nurturing of an absent-minded sister – is meticulous in making sure we are all connected. I love that boy! I spent such a major part of his childhood plagueing him, it’s true, but then one day, he turned around and became the more mature adult in our relationship – though he still remains eight years younger than me. Go figure!

Our much-awaited Couples Cooking Class yesterday at A Perfect Bite Cook Studio, sadly, fell through for want of other couples – but I’m touched that Kevin had actually made a booking, and followed up when I was away travelling. Instead, we decided – at noon – that we would have friends over and Kevin would cook what he had learned at his Soup’er Salads Class with Rushina Munshaw Ghildayal. And so, Sunday evening was spent in the best possible way – we had a brilliant prune-coriander-chilli pâté on toast, a DIY chicken dumpling soup (kept bubbling in the living room on our new induction cooker) with lots of condiments, a chicken achari salad – this too, was a put-it-together-yourself thingie, crisp chapatti at the bottom, topped with a iceburg lettuce cup that held a tangy salad topped with strips of achari chicken. The achari chicken, having suffered an impromptu flying session across the hallway, was replaced by achari cocktail sausages – but it was all great fun, nevertheless. There was also a wilted spinach salad with crisp bacon and sesame, served with more mundane egg fried rice and the always nice prawns with caramelised walnuts from Mr Chows. Dessert was an assortment of mithai from Kailash Parbat – sev barfi, mohantal and jalebis; if there’s anything I’ve decided about entertaining this year, it’s that I don’t need to cook everything – or more precisely, have Kevin cook it! And so, my Valentine week begins – with friends. And it was a wonderful evening – except that the ABBA singing session I wanted did not progress beyond two lines of Dancing queen.
At work, we’ve decided to do our usual Stupid Cupid (yes, a version of Secret Santa). Only this year, we’ve decided to exclude the “male humans”, as the ed Vardhan calls them – because they pooh-pooh the idea, forget to get pressies and generally are not worthy of the time and effort the “female humans” put into the choosing and making of these. Each gift must cost less than Rs 50, there are eight of us in the ring, so Valentine’s Day will bring each of us seven gifts! How cool is that? Now, if only it wasn’t always issue closing on the day...
It is a long post, I know, but I want to leave you with some ideas. I haven’t had time to try them, because I’ve been travelling last week and then writing to deadline after that, but I hope some of you will be inspired to do something. I hope to do a few links till Valentine’s Day. Let me know if you succumb.

For the home
I like the simplicity of this Love More printable from Sprik Space, and the many colour options...

And this Valentine Printable Trio from Saved By Loved Creations is perfect to be swapped into your three photo frames

There’s also a more sedate version if you don't want to go all red...


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  1. awww I so agree...every festival is an excuse to celebrate something...anything...the prune-coriander-chilli pâté sound deeelish!


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