Thursday, January 24, 2013

Listen up: He’s going to say something strange, and other – more useful – things

Zach with his baby cousin Maya and his gorgeous aunt Neisha
In my first post for 2013, I spoke about finding yourself this year. My most important creation is certainly putting himself out there. He’s 13 now, yes, a teenager, but because of his dyspraxia, a little less forward than the other boys in his class. Which makes for some strange things said; he’s lucky we’re not recording them to play at his wedding. You know, those sometimes idiotic/ sometimes moving collages of photographs that embarrass the crap out of the bridal couple?
He went to a birthday party the other day, and then sent an SMS – “Mom, rescue me from the boy who thinks I’m a bed and wants to lie down on me. Help me, Mom!”
Of course, his mother is not known for not panicking, so rang up immediately and asked if she should come get him.
“Chill, Mom!” he said, “He’s six years old, and I can handle him.”
Why did you send that message then, she asked, did you not know I would freak out?
Arre Mom, I typed it to frighten that boy, but then, he jumped on me and it got sent!”
Mother lying down for a few more moments, pondering how “Chill, Mom!” can really send the blood pressure shooting up.

In other news, he has informed us that his love for Alison, so all-consuming for all these years, was an illusion”.


In even more giggle-making news, he lay between Kevin and me last night as we transferred some photographs of my trip to Vancouver, and sang Vanc, Vanky, wonky, Vanks” loudly to every tune variation he knew.
He was very amused at how it sounded.
Kevin has tried to tell him it might not go down well in public.

And have I told you that we have now established that I, and other women, do not have testicles and can therefore wear boxers when we go trekking?

In the doing-something-new part of our lives, we’ve discovered a great restaurant – courtesy my dear friend Anita who treated us to dinner to celebrate the big wedding anniversary. The Table, near the Gateway in Mumbai, is pricey and I would certainly recommend you get into high spirits before you hit it – but the food by Chef Alex Sanchez is exquisite. The menu changes daily, with some standards, so we were happy to find the zucchini spaghetti that Anita had raved about – strands of zucchini with almonds and parmesan, served with little bread rolls that had more butter than flour. The olive tapenade was great on little melba toasts, and the shrimp dumplings in a spicy ginger broth and scallion oil might make me go to some advanced cooking classes. We also had pork belly with clams (yummy), a spinach gnocchi (which didn’t really rock my boat), an interesting salted caramel sundae with peanut brittle, and an okayish souffléd cheesecake. There was also a sangria, which I imagine boosted the bill quite a bit, and raised the noise levels at our table quite a bit. A very good meal, all in all, thank you again, Anita, and we certainly needed the coffees at Starbucks to clear our heads.  
Incidentally, this is really a place to reserve for a celebration, not regular dining; the prices are high, and the food is very international. But it is not poncey and cold – you are permitted to laugh and have a good time, and the service is excellent.

And speaking of cooking classes, Kevin took a new one that I would recommend to anyone – the 'Soup'er Salad Meals Masterclass at A Perfect Bite Cook Studio in Andheri. He made a curried chicken soup, a roasted pepper and lamb soup, and a Chinese chicken dumpling soup, and brought home a doggy bag of an achari chicken salad and a chermoula prawn and quinoa salad, which were really surprising flavour punches, and give me hope that I could eat more interesting salads. Rushina Munshaw-Ghildayal, whose baby the APB Cook Studio is, starts with the basics – how to build a soup, work on textures, basically work out your own recipes in the future with the foundation set at the class. The session cost Rs 3,000, went well over the five hours it was supposed to take, and had an unexpected surprise – Chef Saransh Goila of the Food! Food! network, who was at the class, went on to build a fancy open sandwich with one of the dishes.
Basically, Kevin came back wanting a whole new kitchen, with induction cookers, a new fridge and separate freezer, and some oven that lets out steam at just the right time.

Also, my gal pals, though it would embarrass Zach tremendously if he knew this is in the same blog post as anything about him – have you discovered Zivame? This lingerie website has great sales – currently, there is a 90 % off on Triumph – and you can never have too many pretty things, can you?


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