Monday, October 01, 2012

Random thoughts, some of them useful

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Westside is looking up
Consistently, on my last two work trips abroad, my blouses from Westside have received compliments. I am not talking about the Gia range for bigger women – that remains idiotically condescending. Westside’s regular ranges – Wardrobe and L.O.V – now go up to size XXL in really nice cotton blouses that are perfect for work, can be dressed up for a casual evening out, and can be worn by grown women. There are even some dresses that you would be seen in. I’ve bought fairly nice denim capris I like wearing (like all the time!), but the jeans have sequins on them. And since I judge women who have sequins on their jeans, I couldn’t buy those.
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Walking – at home

My new hero on the fitness front is Leslie Sansone – who is the founder of the Walk at Home revolution. It sounds idiotic, but it works. She takes you through a mile (1.6km) in 14 minutes – and because you’re also doing kicks and knee lifts and side steps and lunges through that walk, it’s more strenuous than a half-hour walk outdoors, at least for me. I try to do two miles – with a warm-up and cool down and stretch – a day, and that leaves me happy. I bought my DVD – the 5 Day Slim Down – off eBay.
If you need convincing that a walk with Leslie Sansone is not just a walk in the park, try the taster above on YouTube.

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Curtains can make a room look small
We’re painting the house and all the rooms are curtain-less. And looking so much bigger and brighter. Makes me wonder if I should go out and get new, lighter curtains, huh?

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Lingerie and underwear bags


I first came across Studio Eksaat on Brown Paper Bag and loved their shoe bags. Since then, I’ve discovered their lingerie and underwear bags, priced at an affordable Rs 200 each. They also have chalkboards and home organisers, which are a tad pricey for my stingy Mangy (Mangalorean, if you didn’t know) heart, but their cork coasters (Rs 350) are cool too. Free shipping and tidy underwear when you travel – could make your world a better place, right?
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Skinny Taste

Baked Chicken Parmesan on

One of my favourite recipe sites now is Skinny Taste.  Gina Homolka promises “low fat, family-friendly, healthy recipes” and most come with WeightWatchers points figured out. But even if you’re just looking for lightened-up dishes, and some of these are classics, this is a great site to browse through. Next weekend: Baked Chicken Parmesan

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