Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebrating each day... and Popat Pringles

This year has been filled with intimations of mortality. Ever since Dhaval died so suddenly in March, too many people I love have been touched by serious illness. I find myself floundering at times, disenchanted and disheartened with the prospect of living with these reminders of how impermanent our time here is – how few our chances to tell people we care about that we do. The older generation is also more difficult to express emotion to – but on the up side, they value a visit or a phone call more than our generation does. All these intimations of mortality also mean that I make more phone calls, message more, worry more – and I am more willing to put myself on the line in showing that I care.  If you find yourself unexpectedly at the receiving end of this emotion, bear with me.

In other news, the exams are now over – or will be after this morning’s English Literature paper. I am an English Lit student myself, and nothing ruined the enjoyment of a book more than dissecting it threadbare. Which I am encouraging Zach to do as I write this... Anyway, we will all be back to somewhat normal life in a bit. I have finished editing my father’s book, I still have six articles to write, a concert to go to at month end, two weddings of very close friends, a holiday at the end of the year... It is an interesting life, and I am grateful for it.

I will also try to fit more blog posts into it, which I have been slipping up on.

Today’s post is about gifting someone a box of Pringles. I love Pringles and I know many people do, but everyone was surprised when I put my gift among the others on the table for Mahesh, my friend and colleague. Except that this one was a gag gift – a 'Popat Pringles', he called it – filled with other smaller fun things.

I got the idea from this post on Come Together Kids that works with tinned fruit. Basically, you cut open the can from the wrong side, empty out the contents, fill it with whatever you want and reseal the open end. The recipient gets a can of pineapple or baked beans, smiles politely and confusedly, opens it and discovers something else.
Of course, a tinned fruit can didn’t work for me because I had too much I wanted to stuff into Mahesh’s gift, so we went for a Pringles box. I discovered I couldn’t neatly take off the bottom, so I carefully pried open the top paper, wiped down the inside with lots of tissue, and filled my stash in. It included lots of different candy, pick-me-me sticks, a yoyo and assorted novelty gifts (see below). I resealed the top flat, put the plastic lid on, tied on a tag and ribbon, and left it on his table. It almost backfired – because, it seems, Mahesh likes Pringles as much as I do, and was very happy with them as a gift. And almost didn’t open them then... 

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