Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Printable: Vintage placemats from The Pretty Blog

Detailing on the placemats from The Pretty Blog

You always need placemats, right? At home, we use them not with sit-down place settings, but rather to place dishes on. I’m always looking for nice placemats – but, between the Disney-character-based ones and the faux Disney ones, and the assorted large-fruit-and-flower ones, I don’t usually find many I would care to spill food on.
So, last night, I printed my own – off The Pretty Blog, which seems to be rather dedicated to wedding planning, but has some good stuff for us other people as well.

Anyway, so these are vintage placemats, and I guess Bianca meant them to be just printed out and used, or transferred onto fabric, but I did like Indians do – made them last longer. I got them laminated from the photocopy guy downstairs. He charged me Rs 35 each for the A3 size, and I like them very much.

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