Friday, August 03, 2012

Get sticky!

This blog post is about a chair.
Yes, I know some people are more fascinated with chairs than others (Jyothy Karat, I’m looking at you!).
I usually just need a chair to be slouchy and comfy, though I do have a thing for Irani cafe chairs.
Anyway, this chair is one that my bro-in-law Flanian and his wife Nalini worked on together. It’s very simple – they had a chair made, then spray painted white.

Then – and this is the fun part – they stuck stamps from all over the world all over it! Who knew stamps could look so cool?
When all the Fevicol had dried, they had it varnished.
And now, it sits there, looking brilliant.
You can sit on it, of course, but I rather like just looking at it...

Anyway, here are a few ideas from the blogosphere for other decoupage projects you might want to stick your hands into (ha ha - forgive me, it’s been a stressful week!).

Decorated sunglasses by Shannon from Madigan Made

These cute book-page frames from Picky Chicky Bird

These easy decorative vases from Natural Home & Garden

And, finally, these Scabble tile pendants from Make and Takes.


  1. the chair idea is so cute! I'll try it at some point

  2. aw thanks for sharing my picture frames! Love your blog :)


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