Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY: Make your own sugar scrubs

Six years ago, on November 23, 2006, I interviewed Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop. I worked really hard at asking all the right questions, and she was nice enough to give me three times the amount of time originally granted for the interview. She was the coolest woman ever; she had lived in a kibbutz, and learned natural remedies from women in Africa. She remains one of my best interview subjects ever. She died the next year, and I was sad because she was a vivacious woman who was also warm and friendly. She came to mind again today, because she used to fill her first The Body Shop concoctions into (unused) urine sample bottles, and you could go to her early stores with your empties and she would refill them for you with the product you wanted.
Which brings me to today’s DIY – a sugar body scrub. Yes, The Body Shop has it, but you can make your own at home as well. All it takes is three basic ingredients
1 cup sugar
½ cup olive oil
Essential oil in the fragrance you prefer

So I made two sugar scrubs.

The first was a brown sugar one, with olive oil, and a few drops of Blossom Kocchar’s Aroma Magic Orange Oil.

The second was a white sugar + olive oil + peppermint oil one, again with the essential oil from the Blossom Kochhar range.

I searched my formidable cache of printables for a label for these jars, but finally landed up making my own with Sharmeen, and I kept the ribbon uncut and long so Radhika – who received these scrubs – could use them in her hair later!

Things to keep in mind:
  • You need not use the essential oil. You can just add lemon or orange zest instead.
  • Add the olive oil little by little, stopping when you seem to have the mixture right.
  • Orange oil smells wonderfully like Cointreau, but DO NOT eat your scrub.
  • Also, and this is very important, first use a small amount of scrub on the inside of your elbow so you can check if you are allergic to the essential oil.


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  2. These really *are* very hard not to eat, both the orange and the peppermint.

    Also, if you have clunky, clumsy fingers (like I do), use a wider-mouthed container, so you don't lose half the sugar while trying to get to it -- yes, Prima, even with a spoon.

    I'm going to have another bath now =)


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