Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two new life tools: Evernote and MyFitnessPal

I have two new tools to share with you today. Last week, stuck at home with a gastro attack, I was hit anew with the need to get my life a little more in order. That happens ever so often, and I am always thrilled that hope has not died J. Anyway, so I used to have an app on my phone called Remember the Milk, and, as long as you remembered to look at it, it was fine. You fed in little reminders to yourself and Remember the Milk moved them from day to day till you marked them done. Gratifiying when that happened, and the moving them along was useful, but I’m still looking for an App that sings out an audible alarm when a to-do is due. Anyway, till I find it – or till one of you tells me of one you’ve found – I’m using Evernote – www.evernote.com.

You can access your Evernote account from anywhere – and you can also have it on your phone and desktop, and it will sync so you’re up to date at all times. What’s really nice about Evernote is that you can also put things other than to-do lists on it – photographs, songs, even clips of websites, so all your stuff is in one place and searchable. I haven’t yet had time to fully learn how to exploit my Evernote, but it makes great exploring.

The other tool I’m kicked about is MyFitnessPal – myfitnesspal.com – which is like an online record of food and exercise. You feed in your current weight, how many kilos you’d like to lose and in what period of time, and it works out an ideal number of calories you should eat each day. You then feed in the foods you do eat and it calculates the nutritional info, tracks the water you drink, and gives you extra calories for exercise. There’s also a big community of fellow travellers on the fitness journey and you can be pals with some of them, and encourage each other along the way. There’s always someone to tell you it’s okay when you have an occasional binge, and that’s really important too. I’ve been working with MFP for a week now, and I love balancing my food intake with it – it’s easier than you think – and it does keep you from mindlessly shoving things into your mouth. I also find myself looking for ways to add to my exercise diary, so this morning, I’ve dusted off my step and my step DVDs...
Also, to keep you motivated in the face of (temporary) setbacks, this printable from Creative Kristi...

A great week to you!


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  1. Hey. I use Myfitnesspal. It's a boon. i enjoy my calorie-quota, and then work off the excess when I hit the gym. PLUS - I find myself drinking more water -something I often forget!!!
    I haven't lost much weight since it's party-time at my place with the summer holidays and all - but thankfully, I haven't put on any etither - a real feet in itself!


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