Monday, July 09, 2012

Life lessons from Dr Oz

I’ve had a wonderful weekend – full of lazing around, and half-heartedly telling Zach to study, and cooking, and watching TV. I know I deserve it once in a while, but it also meant I missed my Saturday morning blog post.
Still, here we are on a Monday morning. I went to a yoga class that wasn’t there (after almost a month, I must admit); I managed to convince Kevin that we would mince our way through 10 rounds of the local park (`mince’ because it is treacherously slippery in the monsoon) and the week ahead looks good.
Since I am still on brain-go-slow mode, let me leave you today with some wisdom from Dr Oz in Woman’s Day magazine, for which I have a Zinio subscription.
You should be able to read off the page, but just in case you can’t, here’s what he says:
·         Focus on one thing at a time.
·         Choose a few things to `automate’.
·         Small steps matter most.
·         Build your team.
·         Find quiet.
All common sense, but things I need reminding about. Do you?

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