Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our first blog award!

I’m thrilled to receive the peer-awarded Illuminating Blogger Award for “illuminating, informative blog content” from CJ Ludlow from the Food Stories blog. 
Please do visit Food Stories and see how CJ handles living and eating well as a diabetic, as well as the Illuminating Blogger Award mini site where you will find A Woman of Process listed.

As part of winning the award, I was invited to nominate other bloggers who have impressed and touched me. Since this is a food-related journey for me, I am happy to once again pick three blogs that I return to regularly:
  • Love Food Eat, in which Chinmayie does the most amazing things with local produce;
  • Our Best Bites, which offers recipes that are simple to follow and make even in India; and
  • The Curly Haired Cook, in which old friend Antoine Lewis cooks the most sinful dishes with regular ingredients – and a little salmon thrown in. 

Once again, be happy with me – I write a lot about my own life, interwoven with food and DIY, always hoping that it will touch some chord in yours. I could never have kept at this so long without your support.


  1. Congratulations Prima!!!!!

  2. Congratulations Prima... love your blog, feel very connected to you even though I am in Bangalore... also you are inspiring me to cook some interesting and delicious food... so keep blogging, love, Viv

  3. Congrats, Prima! Here's to many more. Since I manage a few blogs, I realise this achievement is no cakewalk. Well deserved. God bless.

  4. Congratulations!! Keep writing :)

  5. Congrashoolayshaaaans!!!!!! I am always loving yr blogs!!!

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  7. Congrats Prima :) am so happy for you!

  8. Congrats! and Congcats too! Keep the good stuff flowing!


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