Saturday, June 30, 2012

Instant weekend treat: Chocolate bark

White chocolate bark by Dreamy Dish

I’ve seen chocolate bark made in the fanciest of little chocolate boutiques in Switzerland, been suitably impressed, and paid through my nose for it. Of course, Swiss chocolate is a different animal altogether, but, if you’re looking for a most wonderful – personalised, exclusive (to you) – pick-me-up for the weekend, try making chocolate bark.

Chocolate-dipped Pringles on Hostess with the Mostest

I first made this easy-peasy treat last Christmas, when I finally decided to bite the bullet and dip Pringles into chocolate – like I saw in this recipe on Hostess with the Mostest. Everyone said that it would be too weird a combination, but no, it was actually really yummy, but also really messy to make. So the Pringles got eaten anyway, as they always do, and I transferred my newfound love for melting chocolate onto other foods.
A big block of chocolate compound costs about Rs 105 at Crawford Market (Morde, I think the brand is) and I have worked it all these ways:
As the dipped Pringles above

White chocolate dipped breadsticks or grissini from Hostess with the Mostest

As chocolate-dipped grissini or bread sticks for the kids’ Christmas party last year (with sprinkles courtesy Aleta, thank you!), also from Hostess with the Mostest.

Candy cane chocolate bark: photo courtesy Krissy's Creations

As candy cane bark (white chocolate and crushed candy canes)

As dark chocolate with apricots and pistachios for Mummy (who is super disciplined about not eating sweets, but does succumb to the temptation to ask for dark choc once in a while).

It’s really easy to make. You hack off as much chocolate as you would like into a microwave-safe bowl – I use my trusty glass Borosil. Start melting it on Medium at one-minute spurts, stirring carefully to break up the pieces after each minute. When it is melted, you are ready to add your other ingredients (see below), reserving some for garnishing. Then pour out the melted chocolate onto a parchment-lined tray and pop into the fridge to set for half an hour. Once set, break up into pieces and enjoy.
I like a play of colour and crunch – so I always tend to use chopped dried apricots and pistachios, but here is a list of things you can use
·         Dried fruit – apricots, cranberries, mango
·         Nuts – Pistachios, walnuts, almonds, pecans
·         Candy canes, chopped
·         Gummy bears, sour worms
·         Gems or Skittles
·         Marshmallows

You get the idea, go forth and melt!

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