Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy t-shirt refashion to try

You know you’ve been neglecting your blog when your father notices that you haven’t been posting. I knew that anyway, but, as those of you who are on Facebook also know, I’ve been away in the Yukon, in Canada, on a GoMedia conference. What that meant is, since I never got my chance at speed-dating, that I’ve now had the experience at a media marketplace. There were two huge halls, with some 144 tables, with Canadian travel partners – tourism boards, hotel and attraction reps – at each. We then met each other – to a pre-arranged schedule of appointments – for 15 minutes each. Every 15 minutes, a buzzer rang and 120 journalists from around the world ran to the next appointment...
It was at least a way to ensure that I didn’t put any more weight on – especially since my list of culinary experiences now includes moose, caribou, elk and bison.
Anyway, I got back last Saturday, after travelling 36 hours to get here and to discover that I had lost 12 ½ hours in the return. And that I had a lot to be grateful for in my life...
Anyway, in a gently jetlagged state over the last week, I’ve finally managed to get around to a t-shirt refashion that I’ve been hoping to make for a long time.

My inspiration was the refashion on Melly Sews.

The t-shirt redo on Melly Sews
I got myself two t-shirts from Cotton World, one in the XL that I wear and one in L, because I was going to be cutting it up and so size did not matter. I was lucky enough to get them both at 70% off, about Rs 180 each, so I couldn’t really freak out about the money I was wasting.

The refashion is amazingly simple and does not require a sewing machine. Set aside the main t-shirt (so you don’t cut it up by mistake) and start on the other one.

Cut circles (of about teacup circumference) out of the t-shirt and then pinch them in the centre to make little rosettes. Sew them into the shape you want from the back. No stressing required here; the look we are going for is a casual, uneven one, so your rosettes will do fine. The Melly Sews tutorial does the pinching and stitching onto the main t-shirt at one go, but I prefered to first make the rosettes and then sew them on.

Then, when you have quite a few rosettes, start sewing them onto the neckline of your main t-shirt, till you have the look you want. And, as usual, work with the assurance that if I could do it, you will be able to too!
Have fun!

I also want to share the beautiful bottles Vivienne Pereira-Fenandoe made, inspired by this post. Aren’t they lovely!

I would love to see anything you’ve made! Don’t worry if it looks way better than mine (like Viv’s does)... it probably does!


  1. This reminds me of: "If Yan can cook, SO CAN YOU!"
    I miss Yan.

  2. Nice one Prima. Looks great. Vaneeta


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