Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Easy hair accessories to make

The paper-embellished bobby pins on Instructables

Recently, I had a slightly strange haircut. I wanted to go short, Valerie did not want me to go short, and we ended up with a nice look, except that the front seemed to go up in wings, rather like those wingie things on an owl’s head. In the office, Hardika (who came to Lonely Planet Magazine India from Hair magazine) and Radhika (who likes coloured things in her hair, and who, memorably, came to her LPMI interview all those years ago with metal butterflies in her hair!) tamed the 'wings' with little clips, the likes of which I had not worn since my mother used to pin me up neatly for school (the pins came off as soon as I was out the door, though).
Anyway, opportunely, I came across a tutorial for paper-embellished bobby pins on Instructables, which I then proceeded to follow and the result was easy and fun-to-make hair accessories, always more effective (style-wise) when worn in sets of two or three.

You will need
Bobby pins
Colourful paper from old magazines (not LPMI)
Something to roll the paper on – a skewer is good
Varnish (though I didn’t bother with this)

Cut your paper into rectangular strips (about 8 inches by 2 inches or to suit your bobby pins). Remember that the last ¾ inch of the paper is what you will see on your bead, so keep that interesting.

Roll the paper strip onto a skewer to produce a tube bead. I didn’t have a skewer, so I used a cable tie.

Apply glue on the last ¾ inch and press down firmly. Allow to dry.

Keep making paper tube beads till you have a collection. Allow them all to dry.

Then apply a coat of clear varnish on the beads. I skipped this step in my enthusiasm to make my embellished bobby pins.

Once the varnish is dry, shove a bobby pin gently into the tube bead. You need to push the wavy end in, which is more difficult than pushing the straight end in. Wendy Lynn, the very thorough creator of this tutorial on Instructables, then placed a drop of clear glue at both ends of the paper bead to seal, but I did not bother have clear glue. Again, wait to dry.

The very pretty Alisha wearing the pins
Wear your pins in sets of two or three.

Incidentally, and for the record, I have since had my 'owl wings’ permanently straightened, so I can look smooth sometimes, but, I assure you, not very often.


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