Friday, May 18, 2012

Memories in music

Way back in std II, I was told by a music teacher – very well respected and feared – that I should have been called 'Deadrose' and that I should not sing. Luckily, Celeste (now Cordo) came around and changed all that. I still should not sing alone, but I make a perfectly adequate alto and singing pieces in harmony is one of the not-so-quiet joys of my life.  Some of my most-loved memories are to do with music, and now with YouTube, it’s easy to call up some of those songs.
When I was a little girl, Sunday mornings were reserved for time with Daddy. He would take me, and, later, Mohan and me, to the zoo and the aquarium. And to the Sunday matinees at Sterling Cinema, where Rs 12 would give us a children’s film – usually Laurel & Hardy and Charlie Chaplin, and great films like Born Free. Since I was such an idiotic timid child, even Hardy hitting Laurel could reduce me to tears and he would have to bring me home. I remember leaving one of the Star Wars movies in a flood of tears just as the opening credits rolled on...
Anyway, for old times’ sake – here is a Laurel & Hardy clip paired with a new classic – Santana! Enjoy!

Because singing was such a big thing during my school days – I would bunk class to go to other people’s singing periods, I love school show choirs, and particularly this one which has all the elements of a good performance. It’s not great quality, but you can’t miss the brilliance.

And then, there is the fact that I seem to like a certain type of male singer – John Barrowman, Adam Lambert, Freddie Mercury.
This one is Freddie Mercury’s brilliant Barcelona with operatic soprano Montserrat Caballe, which featured at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

And this is John Barrowman singing Maria from West Side Story.

And finally, here is the finale medley from Sound of Musicals. Enjoy!


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