Thursday, April 12, 2012

Resources: Clipix

I’m crafty, not creative – and there’s a big difference between the two. I like following tutorials off blogs, and I’ve reached the stage where I can adapt a tutorial or combine two with non-catastrophic results. The important thing for me is the instant gratification that comes from crafting, and it’s great that I have non-fussy friends who are non-judgemental about the little gifts I make for them.
So, since I spend quite a lot of time going through my Google Reader, you can imagine the number of projects I have stashed away for another day. Earlier, I used to copy and paste the URLs to these in a Word file titled ‘For The Blog’, but looking at the names didn’t always offer instant recall of what the project or craft actually was. And though Pinterest seems a great showcase of stuff that you like, I shy away from it because it seems too public and sources are often lost as people keep Pinning and re-Pinning ideas. There’s also a lot of concern among creative bloggers about the absence of credit or the loss of copyright as an idea makes its way down the layers of Pinterest, and, though I am just a minnow in the great blogging world, I can’t bring myself to use it.
Then I found Clipix (, which is free, private (if you like) and which you can log in to via Facebook, Twitter,or, like I do, via your email.
You register on, drag the little clip button onto the Favorites bar of your browser, then build a few clipboards of categories you like – great gadgets, accessories, shoes, recipes, crafts, sewing projects, etc. Don’t worry – you can add new categories at any time.

When you see something you like, click the Clip button on your Favorites bar

A Clipix box will open, and you can choose the photograph and the clipboard
you want to save your pick under

Once you have established your Clipix account, here’s how you use it: When you find any project or item you like on a particular page, click on the Clip! Button on your Favorites bar and a little box will open to help you add the item to your Clipix clipboards – use the drop-down boxes and arrows to choose the photograph you want to show and the clipboard you want to store the clip on. You can also create a new clipboard at this time, and choose the level of privacy (who will be able to see your choices).

Back on Clipix, this is how your clipboard (in this case, my Recipes clipboard) will look

When you click on any box, it will pop up and allow you to click through to the source (see arrow)

If you are looking at stuff on your Google Reader, remember to click through to the blog or website and then Clip, so that you save the source in the clip, and not the Google Reader.
Do let me know if you run into any hitches, and please be assured, as with the Pear Budget post, that I know no one at Clipix; no, they are not offering me large amounts of money – or any! – to write about them.
I hope you enjoy using Clipix as much as I do.

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  1. Wow! this sounds like one good idea! thanks


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