Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter! And we have winners!

Rejoice: Christ is risen!

"The people were very mean to Jesus. They beat him and killed him and put him in a bag and put a stone on it. Then the three Marys prayed for him and Jesus came out of the bag and went off in a rocket."
The Passion of our Lord according to Max, my friend Mildred’s grandson, aged four (the ’three Marys’ because we often pray ’One Father, three Hail Marys for the intentions of the Church or the Holy Father’).

It’s Easter! And even if Jesus did not exactly go up to heaven in a rocket, He has risen.
Keep all of us who follow Christ in your prayers and thoughts this week as we commemorate and celebrate Christ’s great sacrifice and triumph.

And of course, now, the giveaways!

Giveaway winner 1: # 44 - Laura Charlotte Fernandes

Giveaway winner 2: # 53 – Aabha Midha

Giveaway winner 3: # 36 – Neisha

Giveaway winner 4: #   3 – Jeremiah Rao

Giveaway winner 5: # 38 – Manju

Giveaway winner 6: # 28 – Reenna Dave

Giveaway winner 7: # 48 – Mini Agrawal

Giveaway winner 8: # 54 – Nolita Coelho

Giveaway winner 9: # 10 – Anupa

Giveaway winner 10: # 22 – Nitasha Gaurav

Winners, please email me quickly with your choices from the Giveaway mail, and I will get your prizes to you asap.

Dying once, no more to die
Rising now to justify
Winning pardon for a world of sinners
O, the message cry:
He is not here, He is not here
Come see the place where the saviour once lay.
He is not here, He is not here
Jesus is risen, o wonderful day!


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  1. Thank u so much for the precious gift Primrose. I feel surely honored.:)


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