Friday, April 27, 2012

A bag switcher and small transformations

The Bag Switcher from Organice
I love small entrepreneurs. It really thrills me when someone turns a passion or even an interest into something that makes some money or even just gives them something to look forward to. Thanks to my brother-in-law Flanian and his wife Nalini, some of my handmade jewellery is now on Swiss and Dutch necks. It makes me happy – though I haven’t made any pieces for over two years... I will go back to doing it someday, I know.
In the meanwhile, I’d like to introduce you to two duos I admire.
The first is the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team of Nita and Riddhi Doshi that brings you Organice products (I love the name!). I have their Bag Switcher. It’s just the thing for people like me who leave half the stuff behind when changing bags. I’ve also bought their handbag hanger – and it’s shown me I have tooooo many bags!

The handbag hanger from Organice 
Organice’s scarf holder

Other products include a scarf hanger and the Wash Me Wear Me lingerie sorter, which I seriously need to get. This week, at Cochin Airport, the guys Xraying the baggage made me open out my bag because my tribal man pendant gave them the heebie-jeebies. All I could think about was whether I would be spilling unmentionables on the checking table. Incidentally, I’ve never met Nita or Riddhi, don’t know them, just love their BagSwitcher. You need to look for Organice on Facebook (; leave the Doshis a message and they will get back to you with an order form and PDF catalogue.

Remember the woman in that serial Goodness Gracious Me who always came home from a fancy dinner and said she could have made it at home with a small aubergine? Well, two girls are working that disgruntled attitude to your advantage. Their blog is called The Material Girls ( – and that, admittedly, is all I know of them. Can’t even remember how I found them in the first place, but I really enjoy how they transform stuff – even without aubergines!

The Indian Inside post on The Material Girls


The button bib necklace post on The Material Girls

I love the Indian Inside post (how to give your bra strap a desi touch), and the dressed-up disposable glasses, even the guest post on the button bib necklace


  1. Thanks! Organice seems to be just what I have been waiting for to get a little organiced in life!

  2. Love both of them, Prima! Thank you for sharing. Have already written to ask for the Organice catalogue. And I wish the material girls also retailed, I'm not very crafty, but I love to shop!


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