Sunday, April 01, 2012

100th post and 10 giveaways!

The Travelling Diva cookbook, and my three terracotta fishies from Jaisalmer 
So finally, this is my 100th post. It has taken some discipline getting from the first straggly posts to the enforced routine of posting at least twice a week – which I have slipped from in the last month. Thank you for indulging me – I know I don’t always stick to my mandate of posting about stuff that is also useful to you, but I’m always hoping to get better at that. Thank you, also, for your messages after I posted about Dhaval. 
To celebrate reaching the 100th-post landmark, I’m happy to announce not one, but 10 giveaways!
Here’s how I plan to do it: I’ve found movies and books on and that I’d like to give away. After the random generator picks 10 names, I will email the winners (you, perhaps?) and ask which you would like. The links in the post will take you to the descriptions to help you choose. I will then have your pick sent directly to you from Flipkart or Indiaplaza.
The only exception to this? Three copies of Travelling Diva: Recipes from Around the World by Ritu Dalmia. Chef Dalmia runs three restaurants in Delhi – Diva, Cafe Diva and Latitude 28 – and seems to really know her stuff. Travelling Diva is a 210-page book with over 120 recipes to help you cook phoren with (predominantly) local ingredients.
I finally saw a real-life copy at Mumbai airport just before flying out, and promptly ordered three copies – one for me, and three to give away. Some of the recipes also have great step-by-step photography to help you cook ’em.

 So your choices are:

1 Travelling Diva: Recipes from Around the World by Ritu Dalmia

2 Malgudi Days - 18 VCD Premium Pack

3 The Akira Kurosawa Collection: Five of the director’s films - High and Low, Yojimbo, Red Beard, Seven Samurai and Throne of Blood

4 Poirot: The Perfect Murders omnibus by Agatha Christie: A Hercule Poirot collection featuring The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Murder on the Orient Express, Murder in the Mews and Hercule Poirot’s Christmas.










5 Simple Cooking for Smart Men and Karen Anand’s International Cooking: A set of two books from food expert Karen Anand; incidentally, I have cooked from both books and the recipes always work.

I will have the drawing for the 10 giveaways on April 4, 2012.

If you would like to take part in these giveaways, please Follow the blog. The button to Follow is on the left side of the blog post heading. Leave me a comment if you have any trouble doing this.

As always, Followers are first in with a chance to win giveaways. Here are your numbers:

  1. Deepa Menon
  2. Friyan Driver
  3. Jeremiah Rao
  4. Jags
  5. Mahesh Sagari
  6. Carmen
  7. Lalitha Luke
  8. Sharmeen
  9. Hardika Panchal
  10. Anupa
  11. Sej
  12. Abhishek
  13. Vivienne Pereira
  14. Radhika Lalla
  15. Alisha
  16. Bianca Pinto
  17. Shalome Potnis
  18. Kevin
  19. Mohan Monteiro
  20. Anala Prabhu
  21. Rashmi Deshpande
  22. Nitasha Gaurav
  23. Anita (Fernandes)
  24. Chris
  25. Aleta Carvalho
  26. Priya Nair
  27. Vaneeta
  28. Reena Dave
  29. Shweta (Taneja)
  30. Ramya Anand
  31. Mario (Monteiro)
  32. Smitha
  33. Lynette (Fernandes Menezes)
  34. Sapna
  35. Khubi Ali
  36. Neisha
  37. Averil Fernandes
  38. Manju
  39. Supriya Limaye
  40. Eva Pavithran
  41. Urvashi Pant
  42. Devesh Sharma
  43. Mags
  44. Laura Charlotte Fernandes
  45. Roshni Mitra
  46. Tejal Bhatkar
  47. Vikram Prabhu
  48. Mini Agrawal
  49. Rohini DSouza
  50. Osler Rebello
  51. Raynah Remedios
  52. Manisha Lakhe
  53. Aabha Midha
  54. Nolita Coelho

I hope you enjoy this draw as much as I did putting this post together. Do forward it to your friends if you think they would enjoy winning any of these giveaways. And again, thank you for staying with me on this journey!




  1. just the idea of being in your giveaway post made my day! do i deserve you? hugz!

    1. Hey Manisha,
      Best of luck in the drawing!
      I will have to do it in office with all the girls watching carefully!
      Lots of love!

  2. Congratulations on reaching an exciting milestone! Keep writing :)

  3. Congrats Pwima! Kurosawa, Christie and Malgudy Days--yummy!

  4. Keep writing Prima, love your style and your posts somehow make you and Mumbai feel closer to Bangalore :-)Thanks for sharing such lovely simple ideas... Love and hugs, Viv


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