Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Decor: Yarn-wrapped bottles

Looking for a quick way to bring a little colour into some part of your home, or to your desk at work? Try the yarn-wrapped bottle. It’s really easy to do – all you need is some yarn or wool, double-sided tape or glue, and a bottle.

There are a lot of yarn-wrapped bottles on the internet and they all use glue, but I wanted to avoid the stickiness of it, so tried this with some double-sided tape. I was forced to use a glue stick at the bottom of the solid green bottle because I ran out of tape, and it was sticky, so I did the next one – with pretty shaded wool I found at Pradhans at Bora Bazaar – with tape again.

Start by applying the double-sided tape a little way down the mouth of the bottle. Start winding the yarn, without stretching it, to fit around the neck, pushing gently to keep the winding close. Keep adding strips of tape as you go down...
Because these are so simple to do, you’ll probably find yourself making them again and again to ring different colour changes, or, if you’re lucky enough to have friends who appreciate just-like-that handmade gifts, as gifts.
Have fun!


  1. Love this, it is going to be my project for the weekend, had saved 2 wine bottles for a project and they will now be used!!! I have to buy the yarn today; how much do we need for a bottle, 3 rolls each?

  2. Hey Vivi,
    Let me see pics! I think it was about half a ball each. Only one layer, right?

    1. Thank you darling,project postponed to Friday 23rd - Ugadi holiday, will definately upload pictures! Love ya, Viv


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