Saturday, February 11, 2012

When you love... a lot of people

Kevin and I are not that hot on Valentine’s Day. The year we started actually considering ourselves more than sparring partners (I did, I don’t think Mr D’Souza really noticed any difference in the tenor of our relationship), he turned up at my office reception with a little stuffed toy. Sheepishly, of course. We don’t really do the big Valentine’s Day gifting thing, though, one year, I did find this cute bright red heart box in the dollar shop in the VT subway. It opened up to reveal little plastic walnut shells that, in turn, opened up to proffer little slips of paper with such profound messages as “Nuts about you”. Great fun, but just fun.
We do, of course, try to manage a dinner out – hey, give us any excuse to eat out – but we often also drag Zach out with us, where, in mutual love, Kevin and I talk as usual, and Zach has a deep and meaningful interaction with whichever protagonists have shown up in the current game on the mobile phone.
So, these days, Valentine’s Day is about the other people we love in our lives – Zach’s friends (though one of these days, embarrassment is going to hit that quarter) and my friends at office.
I love making and receiving Valentines from other people –  to me, the day seems a great chance to show people we meet regularly or have in our lives anyway that we are grateful to have them there. Over the years, I have given chocolate, prints, cards...

Last year I gave the officewallahs these prints from Pumpkins & Posies – some of them are still up on different soft boards all around me. This year, we have a gift exchange in office on the 14th – which, incidentally – is also form-sending day for Lonely Planet Magazine India. The guys in the office hate don’t think much of the idea, and have identified it as something that only women would think of. We are 16 of us, so we need to source, wrap and label 15 identical gifts of Rs 10 to Rs 15 each. Challenging, huh? I have my gifts ready (I would, wouldn’t I?), but I know there is some pondering going on in the office about what else will fit the bill – but only among the women.
If you buy into the idea of giving small gifts to important people and you don’t want to freak anyone out – or yourself with their reactions, here’s an idea:

This one from Family Fun is called the Caped Cute-sader and I think we may do it for Zach's friends.

I also think seeds and small plants make great Valentine gifts, so, long before this whole office give-everyone-a-gift programme, I had bought little bead plants at the Green World show on Marine Drive to gift this year. This is obviously one time my over-planning did not work, since they are now all dead except this one, but think of what nice prezzies they would have made. I planned to give them with a card that said: Let Friendship Grow!

And then, there is our office favourite: The You are the Cheese to my Macaroni printable from Aimee at Sprik Space – though that might also be because there is a lot of food in it. We really like the black on white one because we are a bit anal about punctuation, and you can put full-stops discreetly on that one.

Christie at A Lemon Squeezy Home has this nice printable if you just want to put it out that you’re glad you have someone special in your life without being hand-in-throat-gagging soppy.


And because the tag is important – so as not to give the wrong impression, I love this one from Hello, Good Gravy!

More fun tags coming up in another post...

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