Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY: Printable Nativity set

The printable Nativity set from Marloes de Vries's blog

I try to be a bit disciplined about posting on this blog, but there are still times when I don’t post for a week or two, or when I go mad and post all the time! Now is one of the latter times, and I make no apologies for it: I love Christmas! Much of the run-up time goes into choir practices, and making sure I don’t lose my voice (which is a frequent occurrence, sadly), and the rest into dashing about getting stuff together. This year, I seem to be somewhat on track: last night’s tree-decorating stint fell through because I was at work past 9.30pm making last-minute pagination changes, but we will do it tonight (I hope); and I think I’m ready for the children’s carols and craft evening on Sunday.
Prayer sheet: Ready
Carol sheets: Ready
Craft stuff: Ready
Menu: Ready (as of now, it will be pizza, cupcakes (thank you in anticipation, Lalitha!), wafers with dip, cherry-cheese-olive sticks (thank you, Alisha!) and if I don’t lose my head God willing, chocolate-dipped cheese sticks [tried it with Pringles, and they turned out so good!]).
I also have this wonderful video - Advent in 2 Minutes - that I hope to show the children, if Radhika will teach me how to slow it down a bit; it goes well with my `Christmas is about Christ' theme, but in a palatable way.

The printable PDFs
Click here if you can't see the video.
But what I’m really excited about right now is this printable nativity set. It is from Marloes de Vries blog, and it turns out just wonderful! All you need to do is download the two sheets and print them on the best (thickest) paper at the best quality your printer will do, cut out the figures and paste them. Enjoy!

Our Nativity set - awaiting a stable!

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