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YOUR Reviews: 5 reasons to eat at Joss, Mumbai, by Anita Fernandes

A Mille Feuille with rasberries

  • It’s at Kala Ghoda, my most favourite part of town! I’ve often combined a meal at Joss with a visit to Jehangir Art Gallery, Rhythm House, or a little bit of shopping at FabIndia or Chetana at Kala Ghoda. There’s also Westside and Globus, both a stone’s throw away from Joss. Incidentally, don’t go looking for a black horse in the area because you won’t find it! There was a time, when I was a kid, when there was a statue of Kind Edward VIII on a black horse, which is how Kala Ghoda informally got its name. 
  • The ambience: The ambience is subtle, charming and old-world like, and the staff is very courteous.
  • Great food! The sushi platter, the chargrilled mushrooms with holy basil cream, the barbecue spare ribs, the Burmese Kaukswe (almost as good as my mum’s) all get a thumbs up from me! Please don’t attempt to eat all of this at one meal because it’s a bit much!
  • The Mille Feuille I have a tiny confession to make: I’m not a great fan of chocolate or chocolate-based desserts and when I’m out with friends, I invariably get that “square-peggish” feeling when it comes to ordering desserts! I love all things berry – so give me a dessert that combines strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries with fresh cream/ ice cream and you’ve made my day! My favourite dessert at Joss is the Mille Feuille, which, translated literally, means “a thousand leaves”. Mille Feuille, or Napoleon, is a classic French pastry, made of alternating paper-thin sheets of pastry layered with sour cream/ fresh cream and berries. Absolute heaven! It’s fun eating this dessert when you share it; one serving is enough for two to three people. I don’t know how Napoleon ate it, but it’s even more fun eating this dessert when you’re as clumsy as me! I’ve managed to pull many a diehard chocolate fan to my side of the dessert spectrum, so this is an absolute must-have when you go to Joss!
  • It’s owned by a true foodie! The restaurant is owned by aapro Chef Farrokh Khambata. No, I don’t know the owner, but I just threw the aapro in for good measure!  In my opinion, it’s easy to tell from the food when the restaurant is owned by somebody who knows and loves his food!  I’m not a great fan of restaurants owned by film stars/ celebrities.
Taster’s notes: I haven’t been for the Parsi fare which Joss puts out during festivals, but I believe it’s good. I tend to avoid eating at the Joss stalls at the Kala Ghoda Festival; I’d rather live with my memory of the fine dining experience than eat at a roadside stall put up by my favourite restaurant. Joss is expensive, so I reserve it for meals with good friends or for special occasions.
(022-66356908, 022-66334233022 66356908022 66334233 Call Now, 30, K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Bombay 400023 [opp Jehangir Art Gallery)
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Mille Feuille: Margouillat/; Sushi: Microsoft/ istockphoto

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  1. It used to be known as Kala Ghoda, it is now known as Nikala Ghoda.


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