Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick tutorial on using your Google Reader

Warning:  Those who already use Google Reader may skip this post.
Warning 2: Those who can’t tolerate instructions in layman’s terms must skip this post.

Do you have websites or blogs that you return to often? I humbly hope that A Woman of Process is one of them.
Before I found out about Google Reader, I was actually going to each of my favourite sites every day. Then, I found that I could make the sites I wanted come to me with their updates! Like magic! (If I sound a bit like an idiot, put it down to the effort of trying to make the physical features of North America sound mindblowingly interesting – yeeeeess, exams are on. Prayers solicited...)
So this is how it would normally happen...
You would choose to Follow a website like you did with A Woman of Process...

Or by clicking the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) icon on your favourite site. It looks like this:

Then choose to Follow via Google... (you may also have to look for the Google icon among the choice of readers offered on other sites)

Sign into your Google (Gmail) account...

Choose ’Add to Google Reader’...

You’re on!

Here’s how to find your Google Reader:
Look at the top bar of your Gmail account.
Click on More.

The drop-down menu has the Reader tab.

Click on it and your Reader will open in a new window, and you will find your Subscriptions in it.

What if you can’t find the Follow tab or the RSS icon on your favourite website or blog?
Look for the Add a Subscription box at the top left corner of the Google Reader and press the big blue + in front of it. Type the URL of the website or blog into the box that opens up... Your website or blog will be automatically added to the subscriptions below.

Simple, right? I hope you will add many subscriptions to your Google Reader and enjoy them all thoroughly. Feel free to write and ask me any questions you may have, and I will do my best to think of whom to ask them of!
My thanks especially to Mahesh, my great pal and design go-to guy, for teaching me how to get the screen grabs for this tutorial. Mahesh, you rock!


  1. UM. Hello. I showed you the - how to 'Add a subscription' bit. How about an, Alisha rocks too?! :p

  2. Yup, it's true, Ali, you did show me the Add a subscription bit, and yes, my sweetie, you rock! Even otherwise

  3. I considered kicking up a fuss, but I'm trying out this new 'pretend to be grown-up' thing.

    I may be back, kicking up a fuss, in a while.

  4. Raddy, you rock too! And you're doing extremely well with the pretend-to-be-grown-up thing!


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