Thursday, October 06, 2011

Printable cuties to cheer you up!
I love visual reminders of other times, other places. I’m always admiring photo walls in other people’s homes. Even great wall art. On my travels over the last two years with Lonely Planet Magazine India, I’ve made it a point to bring home something that will keep each place forever close to my eye. So I have this marvellous print of Jerusalem – drawn by the children of the world. A little wooden lizard from Uluru (Ayer’s Rock); even an unusual plastic diorama of Ayer’s Rock that I couldn’t resist, as well as an Aboriginal art piece.
Since I never seem to get around to actually getting any of these framed, I’m always looking for quick pick-me-ups that I can print and tack up. You’ll love this series of lambs and bunnies from The Handmade Home, a gorgeous blog in which Ashley is kind enough to share every detail of how she’s redone her home to make it the lovely, welcoming haven it is now. These cuties are part of what she’s used in her son Malone’s new bedroom. Download and print these off from here.
And if that wasn’t enough of a pick-me-up, I also found these printable photo borders by Susan Connor on Creature Comforts that you can print and fit around any photograph or picture. Of course, since I can often see only the obvious, I mixed and matched in a very obvious way, and mounted the whole caboodle on some card from a press release folder that had landed on my desk.
But you can do it however you like. Enjoy!
And to end: On a wall in Moshe's Cafe near Gateway, something you'll never see in the Kayanis and Bastanis (RIP) we otherwise love so well:
Sit long,
Talk loudly,
Laugh often!

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