Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest post: Last-minute papier mache pumpkin to make

There’s a lot of Halloween stuff going around the blogosphere, so here’s a last-minute papier mache pumpkin to try courtesy Martha Stewart’s new Handmade Holiday Crafts off the Made by Joel site.
I was lucky to have Sharmeen Hussain road test the idea for me and here are her instructions...
You will need
Orange and yellow crepe/ tissue paper
Tea light in tiny votive holder
Paint brush
Cup or glass

1. Inflate the balloon as big as you can; bigger is better to fit your tea light and votive holder into.
2. Cut even strips of the crepe paper, the same length as the balloon.
3. Mix 1 part Fevicol with 2 parts water.

4. Place a strip of yellow crepe paper on the balloon (from navel to top) and, using the paint brush, paint the Fevicol mixture over the strip, making sure the entire strip is covered.
5. Place the next strip on the balloon, slightly overlapping the previous one and repeat the same procedure.
6. Once the balloon is completely covered, repeat the procedure with another three coats of yellow paper.
7. For the fifth and final coat, use orange crepe paper.
8. Place the balloon on a glass to dry overnight (if possible, allow it to dry for two nights).
9. Pierce the balloon. Now cut a hole at the top and bottom of your balloon. Pull out the balloon.
10.  Cut out eyes, a nose and a mouth in the desired pattern.
11. Place the tea light in the votive holder inside the lantern and put it on display (somewhere safe)!

Disclaimer and warning: Do be careful with the tea light in this craft. Keep water handy and check on your tea light and votive regularly. It is best not to leave candles of any sort unattended.

Made by Joel

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