Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Reasons to pick up a copy of BBC Good Food India

I have a particular fondness for the BBC Good Food brand. I’ve been to their office in London, seen issues being pulled together, even tagged along to a brilliant food shoot... So it was a mixed blessing to be around when the BBC Good Food India team put its first issue to bed. Mixed because being around a magazine being launched is like being in the labour room with a soon-to-be-mother... unrelentingly exciting. But also painful because I got to read out all those recipe names before uploading the issue for printing. So thank you, Sona and team, I could not face my usual dal-chawal-veg for the rest of that week.
But now, the issue is out – and the promise of that delicious glimpse is fulfilled. If Masterchef Australia makes you want to cook, BBC Good Food India will ensure you actually hit the stoves. And I know I’m going to be post-it-ing my copy for a while to come.
Here’s why you should get your own copy:

  • The recipes: The magazine is a happy mix of BBC Good Food and Olive, both from the UK, which means you get home-cooking recipes as well as easy entertaining menus. This issue has over a hundred recipes. My wish-list to try at first sweep soon: Pasta Norma (p60), Spicy coconut noodle soup (p79), Bruschetta with tapenade and slow roasted tomatoes (p94), Herb and garlic mushrooms (p98), Butter garlic prawns (p104), steamed if you please, No-bake Kinnow cheese cake (p122). Kinnows are our santras, would you know it? But particularly I’m going to try 7 meals for Rs 700. It has a shopping list and I’m looking forward to testing that promise since ordering in this kind of food usually costs a lot more.
  • The put-it-togethers: I love the Supermarket Sweep page: It tells you how to bring a dish together from products: an Olive magazine specialty.
  • The deals in Bargain Hunter: This issue’s finds include a Rs 70 beer binge in Pune and a Rs 500 wine tasting in Mumbai.
  • The prices: I love anything with prices.  This magazine tells you how much different olive oils and gadgets cost, and give you prices for meals for two...
  • The Good Food promise: Each recipe is triple tested. Additionally, each is flagged: Easy, Moderately easy, A little effort, Can be frozen, Vegetarian, Jain... There’s also the Show-off tag that I love. It’s on the Chocolate Pear Tart (p118), which I tasted after it had been photographed and I can tell you that it is well worth the effort and worthy of the tag.
Happy cooking!


  1. Love this write up Prima, will definately get a copy... the monotony of food at home is making me starve!

  2. thanks Viv. I'm looking forward to cooking up a storm too!


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