Saturday, September 10, 2011

This week’s finds; Kevin’s birthday; a printable for life and living; this month’s giveaway!

This week’s finds: Of course, these should be called revelations rather than finds, since we go back to them again and again, but do make them part of your go-to items for entertaining. It’s sad but true - there are some things you cannot get at Uncle’s Shop in Crawford Market (last foray, we bought couscous, white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, anchovies [Rs 100 for a 170g tin as compared with Rs 125 for a 50g tin at Gourmet West!]...), and chorizo is one of them. I buy my chorizo at Gourmet West (the Westside at Kala Ghoda), it costs about Rs 310 for 200g, and just little bits fried in their own oil can elevate anything to another level (like an otherwise boring healthy pasta in say, garlic and basil) and of course, it is an essential component of the risotto in this post. The butter garlic toasts (Rs 35 a packet from Celejor) make great bases for anything from mushrooms in cream to grown-up baked beans to just about anything you can make into a yummy mess and pile on them. They also make robust contrasts to the delicacy of the chicken liver pate (Rs 150) from Theobroma, which comes impregnated with what seems to be alternately chocolate chunks and prunes. The pate makes a very sophisticated addition to any party platter, and a nice indulgence on a Sunday evening just like that.
Kevin turned 40 yesterday. We had a most wonderful evening of good food and great music and song at inlaws' house in Bandra – mainly because the piano that Kevin grew up playing is now back in Mum and Dad’s house. We were lucky to have Mario Nazareth with us, which meant we sang the old songs for a few hours solid. Those of you who know me a while, know how big a part of my life Mario is. I have been in the Cathedral Choir under his baton (though Mario prefers to conduct with just his hands, or occasionally, his nose if he also has to accompany the choir!) for 25 years, and I take some credit for that huge smile that shows so readily now; I was only 16 when I joined what used to also be called the ’Senior Choir’ and I didn’t know that choir conductors should could not be teased. Mario, thank you so, so much, and not just for the music yesterday.
Happiness is the absence of sorrow.” I try to make that my mantra, especially since I can sometimes be spectacularly ungrateful for the routine of my life. I need to remind myself regularly that I am blessed. If you’re like me, you’ll love this printable from Sprik Space. Click on the graphic in the link on Sprik Space, and you will be taken to a download site from where you can print off this gentle reminder. Enjoy!
And this month’s giveaway:  Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie. Over 900 pages, over 50 stories! Follow this blog to win: here’s the link!



  1. Hi Prima, Give my wishes to your husband of 13 years on his 40th birthday. When do you turn 40 or is around the corner? Did you get my Risotto receipe courtesy Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa?

  2. Hey Mario,
    Kevin thanks you for your wishes. I turned 40 last year, though I don't always remember that! Will try the risotto soon, Mummy and Daddy are here for the birthday, so things are a bit busy... Cheers, Prima


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