Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going chicken: Chicken stir-fry

Photograph courtesy www.bbcgoodfood.com
As part of our ongoing search for chicken recipes we really enjoy eating, I found this recipe for an easy Zingy Chicken Stir-fry on the BBC Good Food Magazine site. It is super simple and really tasty. See my notes below.
2 blocks egg noodles (I used two Ching’s Egg Noodle packets)

2 tsp sunflower oil (I used olive oil)
2 cooked chicken breasts, shredded
3 carrots, finely sliced into rings
2 tbsp clear honey
1 tbsp soya sauce
juice of 2 limes
3 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
handful coriander leaves
Boil the noodles according to pack instructions, then drain and toss with 1 tsp oil.
Heat the remaining oil in a wok and add the chicken and carrots. Stir-fry for a few minutes.
Add the honey, soya sauce and lime juice, bubble for 30 seconds, then add the noodles and sesame seeds.
Mix well, heat through and sprinkle with coriander to serve.
My notes:
• I used two packets of Ching’s Egg Noodles (overcooked them, I might add; obviously it’s been a long time since I used Chinese noodles).
• I used olive oil, rather than sunflower oil.
• I mixed the honey, soya sauce and lime juice in a little bowl before adding to get an even solution.
• I wanted the stir-fry to be more sauce-y, so I made an added half quantity of the honey, soya sauce and lime juice solution.

Incidentally, I would think this honey-soya sauce-lime juice mixture is a versatile stir-fry sauce even for just veggies.
Shalome, my colleague, made the chicken without the noodles; instead, she added it to a whole lot of lettuce, added sauteed carrot slices and raw onion rings, and a little lemon juice-olive oil dressing, and it made a great salad.

And of course, the proof of the pudding – Zach’s almost-empty plate after a second helping! Not a sight we see often in this house, I have to say.


  1. That looks yummy. I'm going to try it with steamed, filleted fish. Hope it tastes just as good.

  2. RD,
    That sounds like a great idea! Do let us know how it turns out. And thank you for stopping by!

  3. will add bell peppers too... will let you know how it turns out with the picture as a proof....

  4. Hey Lalitha,
    Great idea! It will really add a pop of colour and crunch! The pic definitely!


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