Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crafting: Gingerbread man tote

My first sewing project - completed!
So Sue is here, and like all newcomers to an established household, has given a fair bit of trouble in the settling in. There have been problems with tension, there is a certain amount of sleight of hand required in dealing with her, and I’ve had to ask Kevin to intervene quite a few times. For all of you who have missed an earlier Facebook update on her arrival into our lives, Sue is a mini sewing machine and we are having interesting exciting times. And sound the trumpets, blow the horns: I have my first sewing project out – the Twenty-Minute Tote from The Purl Bee. She made hers with gorgeous fabric designed by Jessica Jones of How about Orange; I made mine with a happy orange polka-dotted fabric from Mangaldas Market in Crawford Market. Forget 20 minutes; it took me the whole day – because I made some awesome fish cakes (recipe coming up) and sang for a funeral (not a sad one, because the esteemed Micky Correa was 98!) and also slept in that day. But mostly because I was clueless about stitching up a simple bag. Anyone who has used a sewing machine will think nothing of it. The seams are awry, I didn’t have the guts patience to load purple thread into the two bobbins (threadling the lower bobbin calls for kneeling and praying – or calling Kevin again), and there are a few stray threads hanging out for the party. 
The 20-Minute Tote
on The Purl Bee
But really, I am very, unabashedly, proud of myself. I feel like I have somehow joined an earlier generation. My mother’s generation. She could run up a dress in an hour. So, I look at this as a new beginning. It’s going to carry my thermos flask with porridge, and my cucumber and carrots to office every day.
Of course, I couldn’t leave well alone when it was done and had to embellish it – so I adapted this appliqué from another tutorial  -- the Gingerbread Man from Eat DrinkChic, a blog by Amy Moss that I really love. Could not find any heart-shaped buttons, so just cut another appliqué heart and glued it all on with fabric glue (Fevicryl Hobby Ideas No Stitch Fabric Glue; Rs 35).
Do try if you can; I am on a high that may be (to other people) disproportionate to the achievement.
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Inexplicably upside-down
but I'm too exhausted


  1. Now I know who (or whom, as Prima will mark with her blue pencil) to turn to for my daughter's craft projects!

  2. Hey Devesh,
    Funnily enough, I am good with kids' craft projects! Any time!

  3. So proud of you... Love the tote... My first sewing project was curtains, good training for straight lines... Viv

  4. Thanks, Viv! Will try curtains... and cushion covers next!


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