Thursday, September 15, 2011

Closing day at Lonely Planet Magazine India
Closing of the issue, not the magazine, I assure you, if you are not used to the idea...
Shalome and the Chocolate Box
For about 10 days every month, we work like the world is coming to an end at the Lonely Planet Magazine India office. Around Closing Day, the 14th of every month, all hell breaks loose! People have been known to lie full-length (on bubble wrap, no less) on the floor, shout funny – but inappropriate – words (not the ones you think, I assure you, but still not to be published on the world wide web) at 10-minute intervals to keep everyone’s spirits up (Sejal?), and basically, to shout non-stop at assorted scheduling and brand people in cathartic bursts (me? No!). And then, we send pages to process, then to print, and then we rest for about 10 days, working at only a genteel pace, before the whole circus begins again.
The run-up to the 14th takes about 10 days, and in that time, experts in procrastination worldwide would find much fodder for their next theses. We eat fast and furious, we take long ’creative’ walks to the far end of our other office, we help other people with their work so that we don’t have to do ours. And we make things. The LPMI office is a great place to test out new things – especially for this blog. Not one person has lost their ability to ’ooh’ and ’aah’ over every new thing – whether it’s something on the net, a new food (a particularly animated ’ooooh’ is guaranteed) or a new craft. Yesterday, at the height of closing, we cut and stuck this printable from the I Still Love You (ISLY) site for Shalome, who had a sudden craving for chocolate. (Melissa Esplin has a lot of wonderful stuff on the site, so do look around.) This little box, filled with chocolate, is a wonderful way to lift someone’s spirits. Great fun, really, and so easy! Try it, and send me your photos!


  1. Hi Prima, Is the office in which Shalome is framed, Lonely Planet Magazine India or Femina? The office looks neat.

  2. Hi Mario,
    This is the Lonely Planet Magazine India office. It is never neat, but always fun!

  3. Hey Prima
    Just had a party to celebrate daughter Sarah's birthday and took a leaf out of your post and made loads of starters. Great hit.

    Shall send you my recipe for Chicken liver pate ... easy to make and costs a lot less than the one you have been buying lol!


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