Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staying in a nizam's palace: yes or no?

Sejal, Abhishek and Jagan with me at Falaknuma
It’s been almost a month since I went on this company offsite, which tells you a little about how behind I am! We stayed at the Taj’s Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad for three nights. Great food, great interiors, great no-sleep nights – one from staying awake to work on a group assignment till 4.30 in the am and the other from sitting up till 3am in a massive gazebo – Gol Bangla – overlooking the twinkling lights of the city. These pics are by my friend Meetesh Taneja, super Creative Director at Femina. Then because you cannot have loud music and dancing (and the consequent bad behaviour) on such snooty grounds, we were bussed to the Taj Deccan in the city to Syn. Of course by then, I had a full-fledged sinusitis attack (all work, no sleep makes some people hurl), and my darling cousin Anala Prabhu had to bring in meds and a jam sandwich. We had a nice time catching up, and she brought me this cup which I think is so appropriate.
Still, something I have to say: I would not take my family to Falaknuma Palace, even if we could afford to stay there. (That is a whole other discussion, of course: affording and actually doing what we can afford to do!) It lacked a certain warmth in its grandeur; though the staff could not be faulted in their attention to detail and your care. I would rather go to some place like the Kumarakom Lake Resort, which, incidentally, I really, really enjoyed. Another post on that.


  1. No..No....Palaces are no fun..... its a very very formal place to be....even the dining hall
    But try staying in a houseboat at Alleppey... its fun...try eating kappa and meen and kalla (tapioca and fish curry; coconut toddy) from the waterfront liquor shop........ hmmm its awesome.... (thinking of it makes my mouth water.... ymmmmy). Its an experience of a life time....

  2. what an adorable group photo!

  3. *sulks*
    Yes, I know, I know.
    Even so, I WILL sulk.

    Also, I seem to have forgotten how to leave comments on blogs. Excessively complicated, the process has become.

  4. Was it one of those places where you feel you have to run ahead to make sure the kids don't destroy everything. All glass and sharp corners. If so I do understand.

    We have stayed at that Lake resort, its in Kerala isn't it. We stayed there at the end of a boat trip and it was really nice. Lots of birds around. Could probably stay there with the kids. So I guess I understand what you are saying.
    nice reading your blog.
    love vaneeta


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